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A color generator to create beautiful palettes

Find inspiration and generate color palettes in one click. Whether you're a designer, a web developer, an artist, or just exploring colors, Colorlab provides a quick and intuitive way to discover harmonious color combinations for your projects.

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✨ Generate color schemes in one click ✨

Open the color scheme generator and start generating an infinity of color palettes. You can create random combinations or stick to a specific scheme, such as analogous or monochromatic colors 🎨

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a screenshot of a color scale created on Colorlab

✨ Create color ranges for your projects ✨

Color range play a crucial role in UX design. It helps you establishing visual hierarchy, organizing information and contribute to creating intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly experiences 🎊

✨ Generate beautiful color gradients ✨

Color gradients are crucial in UX design as they offer a visually appealing way to establish hierarchy, emphasize key elements, and provide dimensionality to interfaces. By incorporating gradients, designers can create dynamic and immersive experiences that engage users and guide their interaction 💎

a gradient color design
a screenshot of color contrast

✨ Check contrast between your colors ✨

Color contrast is paramount in UX design as it directly impacts the accessibility and usability of digital interfaces, ensuring that content is legible and distinguishable for all users, including those with visual impairments, as based on standards outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 🥇

About Me

Hi there folks! My name is Max and I am the creator of Colorlab.

I hope you enjoy your time here, as my goal is to craft a platform that is useful for everyone working with colors on a daily basis. Feel free to add me on the social medias below if you want to chat or exchange ideas with me !

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